Aboriginals take center stage. Ultimately.


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Clara sent us an issue to resolve this week:

I graduated from college last July and moved to California in September in hopes of finding a job. It was a big step because I grew up and graduated in Spain, but I figured the busier job market in the US would make the process quick and easy. Needless to say, for the past two and a half months and the work is taking a little longer than expected, how can I avoid getting discouraged? And how do you build a life when you feel like you’re in limbo?

Alexandra March, editor of the NYT Opinion newsletter, weighed in on it:

I searched for a job for over six months during my senior year at the University of Connecticut before I landed an interview for a job that was even in the field of what I actually wanted to do with my life.

Because writing endless job applications was pulling me down, I decided to leave my computer and my apartment. I asked friends of friends in my area of ​​interest for short coffee dates, did informational interviews, asked people to tell me about their lives and their career path. I came away from all these encounters with valuable information, whether it was improving my CV or a position that has not yet been published publicly.

An even brighter silver lining? If you can demonstrate your intelligence and skills in these meetings, the people you meet may one day be able to hire or recommend you. You will get by! And other people can help.

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Lindsey Underwood is a writer on the Smarter Living team. Amanda Gorman is a student at Harvard College, a Young Poet Laureate from the United States, and a contributor to The Edit.


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