Armed forces will receive new guidance on how to use “inclusive language”


References to race or disability should only be used when relevant in the context of any discussion, the guide says, adding that it is important to ask how others identify with themselves.

Whenever possible, neutral language should be used at all times.

The recommendations are intended to be non-conflictual. The guide advises staff challenging others over their language to be polite and ready to “explain the logic” behind their views.

Likewise, those who are challenged shouldn’t “take it personally” and should help their junior peers tackle challenges with more experienced colleagues, according to the guide.

Push for greater diversity

The Telegraph understands that there are no plans to dissolve or re-direct the Department of Defense Diversity and Inclusion Directorate, which was responsible for the guide.

The news came as new CDS Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said the push for more diversity in the military was not about being “woken up”, but about filling the “woeful shortage. “women and ethnic minorities in the forces.

In his first speech, Admiral Radakin said: “This is not about awakening. It’s about sadness. The sadness of too few women.

“The sadness of not reflecting the ethnic, religious and cognitive diversity of our nation.

“And the sadness of not following our own values, whether it’s mutual respect or the simple integrity of claiming expenses.”


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