artistic program celebrates Cultural Day of ethnic groups | Culture – Sports


A performance at the event (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – a artistic program showcase the cultures of The ethnic groups of Vietnam took place at Vietnamese national village for ethnic culture and tourism in the suburbs of Hanoi on April 16 to mark the Cultural Day of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung said that cultural development is considered one of the most important factors to ensure the sustainable growth of the country.

The Party and the state have issued various policies on cultural development, including the conservation and development of traditional cultural identities, he added.

Hung expressed his conviction that the traditional cultural values ​​of 54 ethnic groups will continue to be defended and developed, becoming an inexhaustible source of resources and an engine for the sustainable development of the country.

The opening ceremony of the program included a bronze drum performance and dances reflecting cultural traits typical of the Van Lang and Au Lac times.

The show also showcased the country’s intangible cultural heritages that have received UNESCO recognition in the recent past, including xoan chant, quan ho (duet love song) and ca tru (singing song). ceremony), as well as the cultural heritage of ethnic minority groups residing in remote areas. areas such as folk melodies, dances and rituals.

Vietnam Ethnic Groups Cultural Day is celebrated annually on April 19 to honor the cultural values ​​of ethnic groups and the cultural diversity of Vietnam./.



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