Brentford fan arrested for allegedly using racist and homophobic language against Man City player


Brentford FC say a fan has been arrested for allegedly using racist and homophobic language towards a Manchester City player during Wednesday’s match.

The west London side lost to top Manchester City players with a goal from Phil Foden on December 29.

In a statement on Sunday, Brentford confirmed the arrest and said “this is currently a police matter.”

But the club added: “Racist or homophobic abuse is completely unacceptable at Brentford FC and those who have engaged in behavior of this nature will be subject to a substantial stadium ban under Premier League sanctioning guidelines.”

Premier League clubs can face fines of up to £300,000 or even closures if they fail to address fans who engage in ‘inappropriate conduct’ referring to ‘originally ethnicity, colour, race, nationality, religion or belief, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation or disability”.

Brentford added: “As a condition of his release on bail, the person involved is not permitted to attend Brentford FC matches until the police investigation is complete and may be subject to a sanction. of the club pending the outcome of this process.

“Through our Bee Together campaign, we actively promote behavior that is consistent with the principles of fairness, respect and tolerance – those who cannot accept this are simply not welcome in Brentford.”


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