Criminals should not be supported by any ethnic group – Lawan


Senate Speaker Senator Ahmed Lawan said criminals should be allowed to face the full wrath of the law and not be given any special support from any ethnic group.

He said this during his speech delivered as he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Telegraph at the Federal Palace Hotels in Lagos on Friday.

Lawan urged all Nigerians to be united and undivided as a people in order to combat insecurity.

“A crime committed by anyone is a crime. If someone from an ethnic group commits a crime, he is a criminal. Isn’t that what he is? It does not matter. The country is supposed to fight this person. Criminals should not have any support from any group, even if they belong to their ethnic group.

“Nigeria faces security challenges, but I think there is certainly a determination from all levels of government to tackle the insecurity we face. In some areas we have been successful; in others, we are still working hard to be successful. What is important for us is to remember to stay focused, undivided and united as a people. ”

He also said the Senate must pass the 2022 supply budget before Christmas so that the executive can begin to act on it the following year.

Declaring his love for this body of senators, he said: “As a member, I have never seen a chamber of the Senate so united, determined and focused on carrying out great legislative and development actions for our dear nation as this one. This is my fourth term in the Senate. When we came in 2019, our colleagues decided to give us the opportunity to serve them; we all decided that this time around we had to work for Nigeria, together despite our political arrangements.

“So far, the Ninth National Assembly has achieved many successes. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have our failures. We have our failures. It was in this senate that we were able to pass the budget before Christmas in 2020 and we are sure that we would pass the budget for 2022 before Christmas, which would give the government executive the opportunity to start the execution of the budget by the first month of the new year.

“I would also like to add here that it is this Senate and this National Assembly which saw the adoption of the bill on the petroleum industry which was refused for more than 20 years. This is a very important, historic and essential pillar of legislation for our country. We have passed other laws.

“Our country is going through challenges. Some cannot be dealt with by law. I believe that as politicians at all levels of governance, they complement each other, shape each other and ensure that we are of service to the people of our country.

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