Ethnic language teachers face pay cut as they receive only Ks 30,000 per month


The Chin languages ​​- Hakha, Falam, Tedim, Hualngo and Lusei (Mizo) – are taught in more than 50 schools in the town of Kalay and teachers only receive about 30,000 Ks per month at a rate of 3,600 Ks for one year. hour a day.

“School principals are cutting the salaries of ethnic language teachers to buy furniture that schools need. Some of them ask for “tea money” because salaries are only issued with their signatures. Teachers do not receive their full salary. There are managers who profit [of the ethnic language teachers]U Khaw Tuah Lal said.

“We will consult with the county education official to take action against those who take advantage of Chin language teachers. We will consult the Minister of Ethnic Affairs. If that is still not enough, we plan to [report] at trade union level in Naypyidaw. In fact, principals have a duty to provide better support to teachers, ”he continued.

Ethnic languages ​​have been taught in schools since the 2016-2017 school year and some teachers still cannot receive their salary.

“The government provides the salaries to teach the ethnic language in some rural schools after its adoption by the Hluttaw. In some rural areas, the respective linguistic and cultural groups provide the wages. In some schools, the principals do not attend the schools, so the teachers of ethnic languages ​​have slacked off and they do not teach, ”U Khua Tuah Lal added.

Literature and ethnic languages ​​are taught in more than 50 schools in Kalay township. Falam language is taught in 52 schools, Tedim language is taught in over 30 schools, Hualngo language is taught in over 15 schools, Lusei (Mizo) language is taught in seven schools, and Hakha language is taught in 13 schools.


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