Fear of ethnic groups causes false assumptions


I know how important it is to know history in order to learn from it. Most of us consider slavery to be one of the worst acts that ever happened in America. My concerns are, why do we constantly have to show the most violent acts towards a certain group of people without looking at the long-term mental effects it can have on certain individuals.

Imagine a young child growing up with love in his heart who is constantly exposed to such hatred from a group of people unlike himself. Their hearts may begin to grow cold and seek revenge. They may begin to view any act they disagree with as an act of hate, when it could very well be an act justified by their actions. For example: you can state a store policy and the mere fact that the customer disagrees with it now becomes a race issue, without even thinking about the policy.

Another concern is that people who don’t look like you may start avoiding you for fear of offending you. They may think it’s not worth the risk, thinking sooner or later that I’m going to say or do something that will turn into a race issue. In reality, it may not be that at all. So now we have the ability to create anger and revenge in one group, and fear in another group. If this isn’t another tool to divide us, what is? If we could just let the past rest and move on in our present and future lives, things could/would be so much better.

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Ryal Thomas, Charlotteville


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