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The federal model reflected more than a hundred ethnic, linguistic groups, says Oli

KATMANDU: CPN-UML President KP Sharma Oli asserted that the new Constitution, with the federal seven Pradesh model, reflected all ethnic and linguistic groups living in the nation.

Addressing a ceremony in Tundikhel, organized by three major parties to welcome the new constitution, Oli said the new charter gave rights to all people living in various parts of the country.

“Up to 125 ethnic groups and 123 languages, inhabitants of mountains, hills and plains, people in various trades and businesses have been reflected in the federal model,” said Oli, “It ensured equality of opportunities, rights and respect for all. “

He urged the restless Madhesi parties to come to the negotiating table to have their concerns addressed.

“All genuine requests will be dealt with to the extent possible,” he said. “Not paying attention to people’s requests is impossible in a democracy.”

The constitution provided for various commissions to provide special facilities to members of backward and marginalized groups and communities, including women, Dalits, Janajatis, Muslims and Madhesis, Oli added.

“If there is a problem, we are ready to resolve it through various commissions,” Oli said. “The Constitution is not unchangeable. It can be amended according to the aspirations of the people.”

It is very sad that some parties have opposed the Constitution, said the UML leader, adding that it is a time of celebration for all of us. “No one has any reason to be dissatisfied.”



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