Friends of Special Olympics and Veterans Group Jay are having a garage sale


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Friends of Special Olympics, in conjunction with VFW Post 3335, will be holding its annual garage sale on Saturday, September 3 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Post hall at 64 Jewell St. in Jay. We have received many donations already, but if you are cleaning out your basement, garage, attic, or even just your kitchen junk drawer and have lightly used items to donate, please call 897-2122 to arrange. postage. , From Monday to Friday. We do not accept clothes or shoes.

We will also raffle an Emeril Lagasse 360 ​​air fryer!

Our local communities have made this sale a great success in the past and we are hoping for another banner year, so check your storage areas and donate to this worthy cause. — Janice, Jay

ANSWER: Hope you will get lots of good things for donations. I cleaned out all my storage spaces recently and wow, that feels good! “

The idea of ​​giving away an air fryer is great as it is very popular these days. It’s amazing how much you can cook there without heating the kitchen!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We found a black baseball cap after having a bean dinner in the basement of Auburn’s 6th Street Congregational Church in the spring.

The cap has two pins on it. The shield pin has the words “West Point” at the bottom. The other pin is smaller and circular with the words “Native Veteran” and below those words is an embroidered feather. The words “Air Force” are under the pen.

We were hoping that the hair person would return to our suppers held on the last Saturday of the month.

If anyone knows who this special cap belongs to, please contact the church. I can be reached at 783-3267. Thank you for the column and all the good you do. —Annette, Auburn

ANSWER: This cap looks very special and you did a great job of portraying it. I hope the owner will contact you. Let us know!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for the person, or anyone else who would like retro handkerchiefs made in the 1940s and 1950s. I’m selling these for an elderly lady. Please call me at 312-5878 ASAP if you are interested. — No name, no city

ANSWER: I usually don’t include items for sale in the column – that belongs in the classifieds, but because someone was looking for tissues last spring, I’m printing this message and hoping our reader will see it and will always love. I have noticed that they have become a popular item to use for crafting.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I used to buy menswear from Sears with the David Taylor label and jeans from K-mart made by Essential.

Now that both stores are no longer in operation, do you know where these clothing brands are sold? You know the old adage, “You’ll miss us when we’re gone.” I am on. — No name, no city

ANSWER: The stores are still in business online. You can shop the David Taylor brand at and The Essential brand can also be ordered from Kmart.

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