Group finalization project to create a more welcoming community


The Timmins Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) is working on finalizing the Timmins Diversity Awareness Project.

The project, launched in March, aims to combat racism and discrimination in the city and foster a welcoming and inclusive community. This is one of 85 projects across Canada funded by the Program of Action Against Racism.

It includes several elements, including an awareness campaign and a workplace inclusion charter, said Madison Mizzau, TEDC community development consultant.

The charter will be a statement of commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, recognizing that everyone deserves a safe and respectful work environment, and that diversity contributes to strength and prosperity within organizations. businesses and organizations.

This summer, as part of the project, TEDC investigated the incidences of racism and discrimination in Timmins.

Initial survey results showed that over 75 percent of respondents witnessed racism and discrimination while living in Timmins.

Survey respondents included racialized and non-racialized community members. The investigation showed that the incidences of racism and discrimination were based on ethnic or cultural origin as well as on skin color or race.

The charter and the results of the survey, conducted this summer, were due to be published by the end of this year.

“TEDC and the Project Advisory Group are still finalizing the different components of the project for launch at the same time, hopefully early in the new year, Mizzau said in an email.

Members of the advisory group include local residents, City of Timmins, Timmins and District Multicultural Center, Newcomers Encouraging Self-Empowerment in Timmins, Timmins Native Friendship Center, Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services, Northern Network, University of Hearst, College Boreal, Northern College, Timmins Chamber of Commerce and members of the Indigenous Advisory Committee.

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