Himanta urges Karbis to practice and develop their language and culture


Guwahati: Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday urged the Karbi community to develop their language and culture while marching towards prosperity.

The Karbi community has a rich cultural and folkloric heritage which is an invaluable asset for the state which must be preserved at all costs, the chief minister said during the 30th conference of the literary organization -Karbi Lammet Amei – in Donkamukam in West Karbi Anglong. .

The Karbi language and culture have enriched the diversity of the state and its government is committed to developing the Karbi language and culture, he said.

Karbi Lammet Amei is a literary organization dedicated to the development of Karbi language and literature

Sarma said that love for her mother tongue helps people live with dignity by enriching and strengthening their identity.

The Karbi Lammet Amei has given a platform for writers and literati from the community to practice their language and literature, he added.

Karbi writers have enriched Assamese literature immensely without diluting their own ethnic identity. They not only paved the way for karbi literature, but also opened up new avenues for cultural exchange, harmony and fellowship, Sarma added.

Karbi Lammet Chairman Amei Sukursing Rongpi chaired the open session which was also attended by Assam Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker Dr. Nomal Momin, the BJP State Unit Chairman , Bhabesh Kalita, Managing Member of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Tuliram Ronghang and MPs Rupsing Teron, Bidyasing Engleng and Dorsing Rohang.

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