Hispanics Become Largest Racial Or Ethnic Group In California, According To 2020 Census


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The population of the United States is becoming increasingly diverse thanks to the growth among Latinos, Asians and multiracial Americans, while whites are experiencing historic declines, the Census office said Thursday.

The white population remained the largest racial or ethnic group in the United States, with 204.3 million people identifying themselves as white only. However, the white population alone has declined 8.6% since 2010.

And although whites continue to be the most prevalent racial or ethnic group, that has changed in California.

For the first time in the state’s history, the Hispanic or Latino population became the largest racial or ethnic group in California, while the share of whites rose from 40.1% to 34.7%.

The Hispanic or Latino community now represents 39.4% of Californians, a jump from 37.6% in 2010.

Nationally, the population of “two or more races”, or the multiracial population, has changed dramatically over the past decade. The multiracial population was measured at 9 million people in 2010 and is now 33.8 million people in 2020, an increase of 276%.

“Today’s release of the 2020 census redistribution data provides new insight into the racial and ethnic makeup and diversity of the country,” said Nicholas Jones, director and senior advisor for research and advocacy on the nation. race and ethnicity at the Census Bureau. “The improvements we made to the 2020 Census give a more accurate picture of how people identify themselves in response to two separate questions about Hispanic origin and race, revealing that the American population is much more multiracial and more diverse than what we have measured in the past. “

Almost all of the growth of the past 10 years has occurred in metropolitan areas. About 80% of metropolitan areas experienced population gains as more people in smaller counties moved to larger, more urban counties.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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