ICA and MZU announce Burmese language degree course


Aizawl: The Institute of Chin Affairs (ICA) and Mizoram University (MZU) have announced a degree in Burmese language and communication skills.

The course will be offered jointly by Mizoram University and the International Development Research Center (IDRC).

Burmese is the official language of Myanmar (also known as Burma) and spoken by approximately two-thirds of the population.

The study of Myanmar culture and politics is inexorably linked to its language. India shares a 1600 km border with Myanmar, and the two countries share a rich heritage of linguistic, ethnic and religious ties.

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This course is recommended for students who wish to study Myanmar’s complex multilevel society and work with the many local and international agencies in Myanmar and across the border.

INGOs, religious organizations, civil society groups and foreign government bodies have a strong presence in Myanmar research and programming, and knowledge of the Burmese language is a clear asset to join these agencies to provide a support.

A statement said: “The course will be led by Dr Elis Thangi, a native Burmese language speaker with a PhD in Burmese. Dr. Elis is also fluent in the Mizo language, so classes will also be conducted in Mizo and Burmese.

The course will initially take place over a period of 10 months (semesters I and II) in an academic year starting in October 2022. The course will consist of 120 hours of classroom teaching and 30 hours of self-study.

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The course will enable students to understand the Burmese script, vocabulary and grammatical structure, as well as practice speaking, conversation and writing.

The course fees will be Rs 1,000 (one thousand rupees) payable only at the time of registration. The cost of learning materials (text and audio books) for the entire course will be approximately USD 15 (Rs. 600 per semester x 2 semesters = Rs. 1200) payable during the course.

Applicants interested in the course can click here for full registration details.


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