Indigenous group apply for title to build resort on prized land at The Spit on the Gold Coast


A Gold Coast-based tribe has filed for native title to prized land in the city and revealed plans to use the area for its own commercial purposes.

An Aboriginal title claim has been filed in Federal Court for one of Australia’s most pristine plots of land – The Spit on the Gold Coast – with plans to turn it into a resort and possibly a second casino for the city.

The Kombumerri-NgarangWal Saltwater people filed an Aboriginal title claim “reaffirming our legitimate rights to our land, the traditional resident owners of the lands and wider waterways from the Gold Coast to the southern tip of Quandamooka country”.

Native title claims were signed by former senior David Dillon and Anthony Dillon, on behalf of the traditional landowning families.

He calls for a review of The Spit’s master plan, which he says lacks vision, integrity and respect.

The new proposal also includes provisions for a cable car.

Dubbed “indigenomic, the plan is to create a consortium and make the people of Kombumerri NgarangWal Saltwater self-sufficient by using The Spit for their own business purposes.

The model used by the Gold Coast-based tribe is similar to the Cherokee Indians in North America, where there are three casinos run by local Native Indians – the Cherokee Casino in North Carolina, the Prairie Band Casino in Kansas and the Ak Chin casino. Casinos in Arizona.

They have ownership of the land, mandated by native title laws enacted by the United States Supreme Court.

“For too long we have been emasculated when it comes to the commercial use of native land titles,” said Kombumerri spokesman David Dillon.

“We say we now want to create our own destiny. We want to be part of the action so we can fend for ourselves.

“Our goal is to ensure a lasting connection of our people to the country. The subjugation and marginalization of the past are over.

“Our corporate and community achievements have allowed us to move from a permanently impoverished existence to a renaissance of seeking to take charge of our own destiny through notions of self-governance and a context of ‘Success by Design’.

“Saltwater people are inclusive. All with bona fide ties will be welcomed, but we will no longer tolerate the division, deceptions, and lack of focus of burglars and marauders who regularly sabotage our efforts for unity and progress.

“Our indigenomic approach, based on the principles of self-determination and collective well-being, is important to us. »

The Spit has long been a political hot potato on the Gold Coast, with successive governments and council ruling it out for commercial purposes.

These are arguably the most valuable 180 hectares in Queensland.


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