Martin Sensmeier on Indigenous Representation in Hollywood – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Martin Sensmeier, Cast Member of Taylor Sheridan’s Epic Western Drama Series Yellowstone, features a video essay titled “Real Power” which is released today to kick off Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month.

Sensmeier, who belongs to the Tlingit and Koyukon Athabaskan tribes of Alaska, delves into the portrayal of natives in Hollywood over the years.

“As a kid, when I saw native characters in the movies, they opened the movie with make-up, they’re angry with the white man, you’ve already looked down on us from the start – that stuff is harmful”, he said.

“As an actor, what I would like native children to see, just someone who represents something real, is real power, because I want people to know who we are.”

The one-minute essay is from the Smithsonian Channel, which worked with IllumiNative, an Indigenous women-led social justice organization, on a larger campaign to highlight art, history, traditions and the achievements of the diaspora through the prism of writers, artists, filmmakers and activists.

Yellowstone by the way, will have to address several cliffhangers in the Season 4 premiere Nov. 7 on Paramount Network. The network’s MTV entertainment group will use its platform throughout the month to encourage creators and community leaders to take action to raise awareness and drive change for Indigenous people.

Watch the video above.


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