Mexican government and ethnic group bond over stolen land


In a meeting with the Agrarian Prosecutor, Luis Hernandez Palacios and the Commissioner for Talks with Indigenous Peoples of the Ministry of the Interior, Josefina Bravo Rangel, a rapprochement was reached with the Wixarikas (ethnic group) to resolve their claims regarding stolen land.

Hernandez Palacios announced that he would personally take care of the matter in accordance with the instructions of President Lopez Obrador and that he would start negotiations with the breeders.

The official proposal is to offer compensation so that, “in a friendly way”, the ranchers accept the restitution of the 11,000 hectares, explained Carlos Gonzalez, the lawyer for the community.

We are building solution paths, legal and operational proposals to move forward in the return of the lands, the lawyer said.

The agrarian lawyer is going to take care of the problem by instruction of the president, prioritizing conciliation and agreement with the concessionaires of the lands that the community asks for restitution, and they tell us that there is a bag sufficient resources to compensate the dealers for accepting restitution, Gonzalez added.

However, they have not signed any agreement as they expect a meeting with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday.



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