Munro Footwear Group Deploys Boomi’s AtomSphere Platform


Munro Footwear Group created an integrated database platform using Boomi’s AtomSphere platform to support its e-commerce transformation.

When COVID-19 hit, prompting Munro Footwear Group (MFG) to temporarily close its stores, the manufacturer identified an urgent need to bolster its existing online offering.

MFG CTO Keng Ng prioritized building an intelligent digital back-end that would connect all business facets needed to deliver customer experience and resolve the historic disconnect between the footwear industry and e-commerce.

“While a top that is slightly too small or too big may not result in a return, the same cannot be said for shoes. For this reason, shoes remain one of the last retail categories to fully embrace the online sales, Ng said.

“This, along with the internal complexities encountered after making eight acquisitions over the past decade, prompted us to hire a specialist to help us connect our data needs, integrate multiple systems, and give us the flexibility to unplug and connecting new ‘things’ so that changes to the business aren’t open-heart surgery every time,” Ng said.

MFG selected Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to integrate the systems that make up its physical and e-commerce operations.

MFG connected its internal retail application to Boomi’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and ordering systems in less than a month.

As a result, MFG accelerated “ship from store” capabilities to 26 pilot stores within four weeks, facilitating business continuity during the pandemic.

MFG plans to roll out this service across its retail network by the end of 2022 based on the online revenue generated by these stores.

“The Boomi AtomSphere platform allows us to connect operations so we have visibility and control over our data, allowing us to make real-time decisions and continue our online expansion,” Ng said.

“These connections have also helped us mitigate supply chain issues by embracing quick, touch-sensitive shifts while some of our containers were stuck in Asia for several months.”

With over 200 live integrations, MFG now launches services faster, has resilient operations, and provides flexibility for new enterprise systems and applications.

MFG will continue to prioritize the integration of intelligence across the business and across all banners to ensure customer personalization.

“There’s a lot of data that lives in people’s minds. Our goal was to capture this information in a consistent way that generates real-time insights, whether in the office, in the warehouse, or on the shop floor,” Ng said.

“Traditional retailers have taken a beating during COVID-19, with entry and exit lockdowns across the country testing the business viability of those heavily reliant on brick and mortar. By using Boomi to create a central nervous system for its systems and data, Munro Footwear Group has overcome these barriers and kept pace with the digital economy,” said Nathan Gower, Boomi’s Business Development Manager for Australia. and New Zealand.

Munro Footwear Group (MFG) offers an extensive portfolio of trusted brands such as Midas, Django and Juliet, Colorado, and Diana Ferrari. With an established retail and e-commerce network, MFG has identified the strategies and technologies needed to deliver what will be a leading experience in the footwear market.


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