NACA provides health services to natives and non-natives


Many NACA programs are designed to provide services and assistance to those in need within the Flagstaff community.

Located at Cedar Plaza in Flagstaff, Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community health care organization dedicated to whole-body preventative care and wellness. The NACA Family Health Center provides quality health care to all who seek it: Natives and non-Natives, those with insurance and those without. NACA providers and nursing staff provide compassionate and culturally appropriate care to ensure the best health outcomes for patients.

“[Cheri] is the sweetest, most helpful, kind and active person. I could cry. Deborah and Damon too. I could get them each a rose, one NACA patient said of the staff. Services provided range from vaccinations and COVID-19 vaccines to pediatric care, family planning and more.

At the same location, the NACA Behavioral Health Center offers services such as behavioral health counseling, substance abuse programs, and group counseling sessions. NACA Behavioral Health prioritizes improving the mental health of all people in the Flagstaff community and uses a wide variety of counseling techniques that honor the community’s unique people, customs, culture and beliefs ( including traditional and western orientations). NACA Behavioral Health encourages progress by building on the individual strengths of clients, their families, and their communities.

With NACA’s Family Health Center, health promotion programs are designed to improve the services provided by the Family Health Center and other health care facilities. Patients are referred by their physician and encouraged to take advantage of health and fitness education classes and services to take control of their health. The health promotion team is involved in patient education for those living with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, prediabetes, obesity and hypertension. Services such as cancer screening and preventive care for colorectal cancer are also provided. NACA employs staff members with special certifications who are trained to work with those living with chronic illnesses. On-site staff include fitness specialists certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a registered dietitian who can assist with medical nutrition therapy, community health representatives with years of experience, and trainers and health educators who are willing to work with all patients.

While NACA offers many services focused on physical and mental health and wellness, there are also community programs and support services available. NACA partners with many community health care entities and affiliated agencies to ensure patient well-being. Many NACA programs are designed to provide services and assistance to those in need within the Flagstaff community. NACA uses holistic approaches so patients can achieve balance, harmony, growth and empowerment. NACA strives to support patient relationships compassionately and proactively with parents, collective cultures and their environment.

“Thank you for the masks and sanitizers you donated to NACOG. With your support, we can keep our children and staff safe and keep our centers open,” wrote the Northern Arizona Council of Governments. (NACOG).

The mission of Native Americans for Community Action Inc. is to provide preventative wellness strategies, empower and advocate for Indigenous peoples and others in need, and create a healthy community based on harmony, Indigenous respect and values. NBF

By Almalia Berrios-Payton

Almalia Berríos-Payton is Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Native Americans for Community Action and a member of the Lenca and Pipil Tribes of El Salvador. Berríos-Payton earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and strategic communication from Northern Arizona University and can be reached at [email protected]


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