New group wants more minorities to vote Democrat – and they just have the plan | State and regional news


About 67% of those voters turned out for the 2020 election, casting nearly 1.3 million ballots in the state. Again, black voters were in the majority in this group, casting over a million ballots.

There are at least 600,000 registered voters of color who did not vote in 2020.

In contrast, there were over 4.7 million registered white voters in North Carolina and 79% of them voted in 2020, representing nearly 3.7 million votes in the state or two-thirds. of all votes cast.

But it was a presidential election – and one that saw a surge in turnout. More than 75% of registered voters voted, the highest turnout since at least 1972, according to state council records.

Steele and his organizations see an opportunity. The group’s goal is to register and mobilize more than 100,000 eligible voters and increase the anticipated turnout to 50% midway through 2022.

They target the northeast, southeast and Sandhills areas of the state as well as other pockets in Guilford, Mecklenburg, Cumberland and other counties.

The New North Carolina Project has hired a Native American Engagement Director as part of its outreach activities, which include door-to-door sales, phone and text banking.

“Our special sauce is to meet and talk to voters at their doorstep, to meet them where they are. We didn’t do it in 2020, and Republicans got it, ”State Senator Sydney Batch said.


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