Nothing wrong with speaking our mother tongue – Geingob


PRESIDENT Hage Geingob said the official unveiling of the King Nehale Warriors Memorial and the commemoration of 118 years since the Battle of Namutoni is a national event to raise awareness of Ondonga’s history.

The event took place on Saturday at the Namutoni Resort in Etosha National Park.

Addressing the gathering, Geingob thanked King Ondonga Fillemon Nangolo for inviting various traditional leaders, saying it was a clear demonstration of his commitment to social cohesion and nation building.

Apart from the political leaders, different traditional leaders, such as Sam Kambazembi from the Kambazembi Royal House, and a representative from the Maharero Royal House attended the event.

“There is nothing wrong with belonging to a tribe, ethnic group or race, nothing wrong with speaking our mother tongue,” Geingob said.

The president said tribalism and racism are toxic to society.

“We need to have our diverse cultures and attend each other’s events to celebrate the history of this kind of occasion and know what happened,” he said.

Geingob said the presence of leaders from different societal spheres confirmed that the nation is taking an important step in honoring and celebrating the past to promote nation building which began at independence in 1990.

“Furthermore, we are here to reconcile our history with our new nation to ensure the continuity of our republic, its processes, systems and institutions, for the benefit of current and future generations,” he said. he declares.

Geingob urged Namibians to constantly remember that nation building is not an event, but an ongoing process.

He said Namibians should be inspired by the deeds of their heroes by adopting a positive attitude through affirmative action in their communities.

“In fact, the many examples of sacrifice by our valiant sons and daughters who fought the genocidal and brutal German regime and later the racist apartheid regime of South Africa should inspire us to do more for our communities and our country.

“The blood of our fallen heroes, which is scattered throughout our country. . . should motivate us as citizens to redouble our efforts in the second struggle for economic emancipation, he said.

He said Namibians must renew their resolve to fight for the unity and development of the country.

“We, the sons and daughters of the Namibian House, united in our diversity, must recommit to carrying the torch of solidarity and justice so that every Namibian can enjoy the fruits of our freedom,” he said. declared.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Minister of Environment, Forests and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, Founding President Sam Nujoma said commemorating the bravery of Nehale lya Mpingana will teach the nation the virtues of patriotism , bravery and loyalty as espoused by Nehale’s soldiers buried at Namutoni.


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