Opening of a new cultural center for the Bajau Sama ethnic group in Tuaran


KOTA KINABALU: A cultural center for the Rumpun Bajau Sama Sabah association has been opened in Kampung Lok Batik, Tuaran.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor, who is also chairman of the association, said the center would be a tourist attraction and help uplift the ethnic group.

“The Bajau Sama community across the state has been eagerly awaiting the building since it was mooted after the association was established in 2012.”

The RM7.5mil cultural center, located on a 3.5 ha land, completed its construction in July this year after the inauguration ceremony in 2017.

“By establishing the association, which is 10 years old, as well as this new cultural center, we hope to strengthen the preservation of the Bajau Sama culture in line with the practices of other ethnic groups.

“I want the association to ensure that the Bajau Sama customs and culture are not forgotten, especially by the younger generation, Hajiji said when opening the center.

He said that as of now, the association has 17 branches across the state.

“We are all proud to have this association to protect the customs and beliefs as well as the authenticity of the culture and language of our ethnic group.

“With more than 30 ethnic groups around, that is what makes Sabah unique and special, which will also generate interest and attract tourists to this state,” Hajiji added.


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