Preserving National Heritage: Kazakh Citizens Abroad Study Indigenous Language and Culture


NUR-SULTAN – The non-commercial Otandastar Foundation, which supports ethnic Kazakhs living abroad who wish to return to the country, has opened 31 online Kazakh language courses for Kazakh citizens living abroad, the ministry reports Kazakh Information and Social Development.

According to unofficial expert opinion, about seven or eight million Kazakhs live abroad. Photo credit:

About five million ethnic Kazakhs live abroad. With this initiative in place, nearly 1,400 representatives of the Kazakh diaspora in Turkey, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Mongolia and Belarus have completed 780 online courses and 336 participants received certificates.

Some courses were held as a talk club in August and December, while 30 online courses were posted on YouTube to allow people to learn the Kazakh language at their own pace and at any time.

These online courses are part of the country’s efforts to strengthen cultural ties with its fellow citizens and preserve their cultural heritage.

Abai Uii (House of Abai), established in Bishkek, is responsible for bringing together Kazakh cultural centers abroad into a single network. Photo credit: gov.kzIn September, Istanbul brought together more than 100 representatives of the Kazakh community from Turkey and Europe for a traditional kurultai (assembly) to discuss the most relevant issues facing the Kazakh diaspora living abroad. Similar rallies were held in Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Japan.

As part of the kurultai, the Tattimbet Academic Orchestra of Kazakh traditional musical instruments performed for the guests of the event. Photo credit:

This year, the Kazakh embassies organized various events, online and offline, bringing together 4,500 Kazakh people from 20 countries.

It was in addition to a series of events dedicated to 30th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan. Several monuments to the great poet and founder of Kazakh written literature Abai Kunanbayev have been unveiled in Germany, South Korea, France, Turkey and Ukraine.

In addition to these events, Online Kazakhstan Film Week kicked off in London, the book “Kazakhstan at 30: The Awakening Great Steppe” was presented in UK, Kazakhstan’s most famous chamber and instrumental ensemble Trio FORTE TRIO toured France, while Kazakh students studying in the Kaliningrad region of Russia represented the national flag with granite stones.


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