President Lotito: “Lazio is the spokesperson for the universal language of sport”


Lazio President Claudio Lotito stressed the need for integration and equality in football today.

Speaking at the ‘Un calcio all’esclusione’ event at the Vatican (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the president of Biancocelesti first discussed the importance of healthy competition and team spirit.

Sport favors merit, healthy competition, the ability to achieve certain goals. You have to harmonize the individualities and make them work in unison, as in a kind of orchestra.

We are delighted that Lazio is the spokesperson for the universal language of sport. We will do it in Formello, our home.

We live in a society of closure, of prejudices, which must be replaced by dialogue, by integration.

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The Lazio The President then referred to the objectives of the “Un calcio all’esclusione” initiative and the need for equality in sport.

The aim is to bring to the attention of public opinion issues that are too often overlooked.

There are lucky and less fortunate children who are deprived of the dream of expressing their own will, their own aspirations simply because they belong to an ethnic group, for example the Roma, who are vilified.

We want everyone to have the same dignity and the same opportunities and the same chance to prove their worth. With this match, we want to give everyone the opportunity to become champion.

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The event “Un calcio all’esclusione” took place today in the Vatican, organized by the Diocese of Rome to promote the inclusion of Roma as well as other marginalized groups.

A match was played this afternoon in Formello between Pope Fratelli Tutti’s team and the World Rom Organization in order to raise funds.

Lotito has made it clear that Lazio are a team that champions equality and inclusion, with no space for discrimination or racism.

His relationship with the more extreme elements of Lazio’s fan base has seen him live with police protection in the past.


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