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ELY, Minn. (AP) – While Dan Amitrano doesn’t aim to capture naughty ghosts eating hot dogs or giant marshmallow men using a proton pack like Egon Spengler, Dr. Steven Venkman or Ray Stantz from the classic “Ghostbusters” movie, he and the other three members of Northland Paranormal are very serious about tracking potential hauntings and using what they find to help preserve the sometimes forgotten parts of the story. ‘Iron Range.

Ely-based Amitrano, the director and founder of Northland Paranormal, formed the group in 2020 to try to figure out the meaning of a strange situation they found themselves in.

“The reason I created Northland Paranormal in 2020 was to help explain my experience of a dream of visiting my mom’s friend. I wanted to find answers to why this was happening and I knew that other people shared the same interest and the same questions, ”Amitrano said.

The purpose of the group, he added, “is to help clients with explanations and solutions to hauntings using the latest research techniques and equipment.”

Amitrano, who goes by the title of “Senior Detective,” has a Facebook page for Northland Paranormal which has over 600 followers. On this page, his group is described as “an organization based in Ely, Minnesota, dedicated to helping those who have trouble with the supernatural.”

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Since embarking on this project, Amitrano has been featured in several reports, including a story around Halloween on WDIO, where he and his partners (along with a WDIO reporter) spent time at the cemetery of Lakeview outside Buhl – a popular place for the paranormal. activity enthusiasts based on hauntings reports out there.

According to the hauntedrooms.com website, burials at Lakeview Cemetery began in 1913 around the same time the Shaw Hospital was built. The hospital accommodated people with mental illnesses and tuberculosis. When these patients died, there was no budget to bury them properly, so they were buried in what is called the potter’s field.

These patients were buried unnamed. They only had a simple cast-iron cross. Potter’s Field is located right next to Lakeview Cemetery. Lakeview Cemetery is surrounded by forests on all sides, the Mesabi Tribune reported.

It is this story – and several reports of hauntings there – that each year draw curious souls to the area. Amitrano posted several videos to his Facebook page from the cemetery, some allegedly showing potential contact with spirits.

He and his group use equipment such as a “base player”, video recorder, digital recorder, digital camera, and “em pump” to check for paranormal activity at a site.

“Reference readers measure temperature and electromagnetic activity in an area of ​​a site. Any change of five degrees or more can indicate something paranormal, ”he said. “A video camera records any mind using infrared or full spectrum light. A digital recorder records voices, footsteps and noises to gain more information about a case investigation. The cameras are used to collect images of mists, shadows, orbs and photos of spirits. Em Pumps are like batteries to help the mind draw energy from them to manifest in a body or some other type of appearance.

From there, the dates, times, evidence gathered, and the investigator’s experiences are analyzed with software to compare with other group members to determine if a site is haunted.

“The cases are then archived for later retrieval when visiting a site,” he added.

Although he has no formal training in ghost hunting, Amitrano said the work of investigating cases is very similar to what he does in his full-time job in surveillance.

“Combined with the observation and working with other researchers, I was able to get a good idea of ​​how to conduct investigations,” he said, adding that Lakeview cemetery in particular was turned out to be a good training ground for his business.

“I spend a lot of time there because the site always seems to have something going on,” he said.

He has also been to other places and says he has evidence of paranormal activity.

“When I investigated a case in Ohio, I captured the photo of a woman at the window with the recording of a strange childish voice. While investigating the Buhl cemetery, our team has captured a video of our Rem Pod thrown in from the door. It beeping and blinking when asked to turn on the Rem Pod, “he said.” Finally at our house my wife Brandy overheard our talkies – broken walkies communicating a child’s voice asking if anyone was there.The truth is out there if you’re brave and open-minded enough to find out.

Yet despite its claims to the proof, there are those who might question the legitimacy of any of this.

“I tell people who don’t believe to investigate and see for yourself if it’s wrong for you or not. Northland Paranormal likes to use the scientific method of gathering data and personal experiences to help the skeptic put this information together and come to their own conclusion, ”Amitrano said. “The TV shows that most people see are only about ratings, so they have to try to get something to happen within a short period of time. You only see the cut parts and not the hours and hours of investigative work that must take place to show what is actually involved in the investigative process.

Amitrano also said that while some would say he and other paranormal investigators disrespect the memories of family members, friends and loved ones buried in a cemetery under study, he thinks that’s it. the opposite that occurs.

“The paranormal is more about life than death. The people buried in these cemeteries have long been forgotten. By investigating these places, we can preserve their memories by telling their stories, keeping the sites clean and protecting from vandals. The vandals are the real intrusive people there, ”he said.

“I want people to understand that we are not setting up ghost traps. Northland Paranormal isn’t just about investigating hauntings. Our goal is also to help the spirit of the community by actively participating in volunteer work, fundraising and charitable work, and by telling stories to preserve the historic sites of our small towns and communities on the chain. iron.

For example, Northland Paranormal helped create posters to encourage and thank our local firefighters who battled the Greenwood blaze this summer. They’ve also been involved in the freeway cleanup on the Echo Trail called Haunted Highway and have teamed up with Twin Ports Terror to feature some of the other local stories on the Iron Chain in a book magazine that will help create more of interest for other Historic Places here.

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