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you will see another language war / Why Tamil which is 5000 years old does not give importance to Hindi which is not even 400 years old – Seeman – News18 Tamil

Seeman, chief coordinator of the Naam Tamilar party, said that if they tried to maintain the dominance of a single language, Hindi, in the Indian Union where many nationalities live, another language war would break out in the country of the Tamils.

In the report published by Seeman in this regard, it is very shocking that the 11th report of the Parliamentary Commission on Official Languages ​​headed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah to President Draupathi Murmu contains recommendations to impose Hindi. The categorization of states and union territories in India into three categories and the making of recommendations to maintain the supremacy of Hindi language over nationalities is strongly condemned.

Hindi is expected to become the compulsory language of instruction in Union tertiary institutions including IITs, IIMs, Union Government Universities, AIIMS Institute of Medical Education, Schools from central government like Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hindi should become a compulsory language instead of English in competitive examinations for central government jobs and exams. The recommendations of the parliamentary committee on official languages, which were given to be conducted in Hindi, are a disaster for the unity of this country.

Is it an Indian country? Indian land? Do only native Hindi speakers pay taxes in this country? Nope! Are the Indians the only ones to have contributed to the liberation of this country? Nope! Are Indians the only citizens of this country? Why such importance only for Hindi? While the Supreme Court has ordered action to be taken to declare the 22 languages ​​listed in the Constitutional Schedule as national languages, the action of the Union government to impose a single language is a massive democratic assassination. To try to destroy the pluralism of this country where many different languages ​​are spoken and to try to establish a single language, Hindi, is an atrocity against the federal philosophy of this country.

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By imposing the Aryan Hindi language, these efforts are made to build India as a Hindu country and to create a common language for doing business in the Indian Union, which has been transformed into a trading market by globalization. All this will not help the development and progress of this country unless it helps to spread Hindutva and make India an Indian only country.

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Although it has been scientifically proven that teaching the mother tongue is best for the development of a person’s thinking and talent expression, and although it is practiced all over the world, the Union government’s attempt to tax India is nothing but a scheme to turn the people of this country into mere consumption herds.

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The tyranny that imposes a religion, a language, a country, a family card one by one will not last long because people tolerate it. Why does the unity government of India, which places so much importance on the Hindi language which is not even 400 years old, give no importance to the 50,000 year old Tamil language? The Indian Prime Minister himself says that the antiquity of Indian languages ​​goes back to Tamil.

He says we are proud to have Tamil, the oldest language in the world, in India. But so far, which Indian government has given priority and recognition to the Tamil language? So, multi-ethnic, multilingual means that India is one country. One language gives birth to several nations. No one is alone in being a separatist in this country. In fact the real separatists are the BJP leaders who want to divide the country by imposing a single language.

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If the BJP government, which rules India, a vast territory inhabited by many nationalities, tries to impose Hindi all over the country with its power, even if the other states of India accept it and celebrate the decision, Tamil soil will show fierce opposition; I warn that another language war will break out in the land of the Tamils.

Therefore, if India is to be one country, all the languages ​​of the nationalities of that country must be recognized and given priority and primacy. On the contrary, if Hindi is the only language that has dominated since power, I can assure you that many nations will never be born here. Along with this, I would like to remind the leaders of the country at this time that the country Bangladesh was born with the help of India due to the imposition of the language by Pakistan.

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